Boho Haus of Amman

Are you looking for a unique place that has great selection of food, smoothies and most importantly a magical atmosphere that takes you away from your reality?  Amman offers Boho Haus; A restaurant / Cafe place in Amman. Visited mainly by millennials of Amman.

“The distance between dream and reality is called Boho”

boho 2

Natural 100% Fresh smoothies and Juices that are fresh from the garden that gives you a boost of energy as its full of Vitamins.

boho edit 1.jpg

This local shop of Amman is suitable for Vegetarians, for their good selections of Pastas and Salads, in addition to being flexible with whatever you order if you are Vegetarian.  The Chef offered creating a new Vegetarian Burger that was not even on the menu and that is a huge plus for this local shop.
Another confectionery masterpiece is their Dynamite Shrimps that tastes miraculously like heavens. Each bite delights your senses when you dig into the Quinoa Tabbouleh that is a heavenly combination between Western and Eastern salad.  Their Swiss Mushroom Burger will make a food lover’s dream come true.

This place has a secret magical desert; Apple Crumble, it takes you to heavens when you have you first bite. A dessert you’ll never forget from a magical place you visit while staying in Amman.

Shisha ( Hookah ) is allowed in this shop for smokers.
This magical place has a great outside area that is so refreshing under the sunlight

boho 3
This place is almost always full and some days at certain times you must make a reservations before you arrive.

International / local visitor Experience 5/5 
Food is 5/5 
Beverages 5/5
Location 4.5/5 

For reservations and more information
Contact their Facebook page
Or call them for reserving your table +962-775523444


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