When in doubt, Choose Falafel!

To all Eastern food lovers, Falafel is a Vegan, Cruelty free delicious balls of happiness, it is originally made in Egypt from Fava beans, Falafel is a traditional Middle Eastern food, commonly served in Arabic Bread or ( Pita Bread) with Sesame sauce and Tomatoes, Some Pickles and Hummus (Mashed Chickpeas)

Arabic Original Falafel



Falafel these days are usually made out of chickpeas, but you can still find other variations depending on where you buy your falafel.

How is it made? The chickpeas are soaked in water, then mashed up, and seasoned with onions, scallions and spices like parsley, garlic, cumin and coriander.
Some places add sesame seeds to the mix to make it even more Delicious. Some other places actually Stuff the falafel Ball with Friend onions with Summaq.

Falafel Sandwich

Falafel traditions in Jordan are repeated every Friday (Which is a holiday in Jordan) Where family gather for the great feast of Falafel as its being served with Hummos, Foul, Qudseyyeh (Foul served with extra Tahini Sauce) and a good variety of Vegetable arrangements along side salty pickles and olives.

Friday Arabic Breakfast

You can find these balls of happiness in almost every corner around Amman, as its the food mostly adored by everybody.

Best suggested places to buy and have your Falafels from:

Hamada Restaurant every Provence in Amman
(06) 553 2441
Abu Jbara Restaurant, Al Madina AlMunawara St. or Mecca St.
(06) 554 4150

Al Kalha Restaurant
(06) 541 1699

And if you need more suggestions, we have plenty of Falafel Restaurants across Amman, Contact us on our Facebook page as to customize your list of Falafel Restaurants for you.



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